Assistance Programs

At times, some customers have unique needs regarding payment of their electric bills. Some may need an extra reminder when it’s time to pay their bill, others may seek financial help or have other special requests. That’s why we have several programs and resources in place to meet different customer needs.

EPB Power Share

Because no family should go without basic utilities. During the winter, some Chattanooga families struggle to pay utilities like heat and water - but that struggle doesn't necessarily end with warmer weather.

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3rd Party Notification

Some customers have difficulty keeping track of and mailing payments due to travel commitments, illness or disability. Our Third Party Notification program helps you avoid service disconnections by having another person help you remember to pay your bill. You can authorize a third party, such as a friend or family member, to receive copies of bills and other important notices ...

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Service for the Hearing Impaired

We provide a special phone number for our hearing impaired customers.Please contact us at our TTD/TTY service number (423) 648-1490.

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Select Your Due Date

For the convenience of your budget and planning, you may request to be billed on one of two optional dates each month, based upon which billing cycle your account falls into. To find out which dates are available for your account, please contact us at (423) 648-1EPB (1372) or by clicking here.

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