How to Calculate Your Bill

If you read your meter on the same day as your EPB meter reader, it is possible to get a close approximation of your electric bill. 

You can check the top portion of your last bill to determine the date of your last official meter reading. If you are unable to locate this information, please see How to Read Your Bill

To calculate your bill, just take your usage for the month (in kilowatt hours) and multiply by the energy rate, which is currently $0.10004 per kilowatt hour ($0.07817 residential electric rate, $0.02187 fuel cost adjustment). 

Add this to your monthly customer charge, currently a flat rate of $9.36 for all our customers, to get your total monthly charge.


Energy Used Last Month(kWh)(number from your meter)


Charge Per kWh


Total Energy Charge


Add your flat monthly customer charge


Total Monthly Bill