Programs & Incentives

EPB offers a number of programs and incentives to our customers. Each of these programs are listed below:

Green Power Switch

Green Power is an environmentally friendly electric power option from EPB Electric Power and TVA. For as little as 5% of your monthly electric power bill, your business can support the use of renewable energy resources like wind, solar power and methane gas – resources that create less waste and less pollution, and are located right here in the Tennessee Valley.

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Enhanced Growth Credit

Your company's growth and expansion strategies represent a significant investment - one that is vital to your continued success. To encourage businesses to pursue aggressive growth strategies - and to boost economic development within our service area - we offer the EPB Electric Power Enhanced Growth Credit Program. Our Enhanced Growth Credit Program can play a vital role in the ...

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Manufacturing Credit

The Manufacturing Credit is designed to encourage growth in the manufacturing sector. The credit offers significant power cost savings to qualifying manufacturers, which in turn helps retain manufacturing jobs in the east Tennessee region. Everyone benefits when there are manufacturing jobs in our area.AvailabilityThe credit is available under Part 3 of the GSA or TGSA schedules to customers that meet ...

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Custom Outdoor Lighting

Our custom outdoor lighting products provide security and help ensure your safety when you need it the most. Each light contains a photocell that automatically turns on at dusk and off at dawn. The lighting provides visibility at night - critical to the safety and security of your property from theft, vandalism and other crimes.Lighting ChargesFor the most common types ...

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Green Power Providers

EPB Electric Power partners with TVA to offer our customers an opportunity to support the generation of power with very low impact on the environment through Green Power Providers®

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Valley Incentive Programs

TVA offers a unique range of economic incentives that will benefit your project from start-up to long-term success in the Valley. Valley Incentive Programs consider both economic and power system metrics to create a profile of your company’s value to the region, and that, in turn, determines appropriate funding levels. Our goal is to treat you like a VIP by demonstrating concrete benefits now and for multiple years into the future.

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