ENERGY STAR/Energy Right Program

It Pays to Build Energy Efficient
Energy efficient properties help reduce costs for homeowners and benefit our community by reducing local demand for power.
So we offer incentives for you to build properties that use less energy, through ENERGY STAR® and Energy Right®.
ENERGY STAR® is a nationwide program backed by the Environmental Protection Agency and U.S. Department of Energy, that endorses products, appliances, home performance and even certifies homes. Energy Right® is a TVA program. Both offer financial incentives for customers to build or renovate for energy efficiency - up to as much as $800 toward home improvements.
ENERGY STAR® and Energy Right® homes control heat loss and gain better than other houses, providing consistently comfortable indoor temperatures. The year-round savings add up to thousands of dollars over the life of the home.
Our Energy Services team of experts are also available to help evaluate your plans before you start building, to make certain that the design is as efficient as possible without necessarily having to alter your plans. We give guidelines specific to your site and structure, and conduct inspections during construction.
To reduce energy costs, take advantage of rebates and choose a qualified contractor on your home construction or renovation project, contact us at (423) 648-1EPB (1372).