September 16, 2009 at midnight EDT

EPB Now Offering 100% Fiber Optic Services

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. - EPB announced today that they are offering EPB Fiber Optics services to more than 17,000 homes in specific areas within the City of Chattanooga, East Ridge and Red Bank – giving residents the opportunity to experience Fi-Speed Internet, Fi Phone and Fi TV.

The first homes to have access to the EPB 100% Fiber Optic network are located in parts of the downtown neighborhoods of Alton Park, St. Elmo, Jefferson Heights, Southside, Oak Grove, Highland Park and North Chattanooga in addition to parts of East Ridge and Red Bank. Customers will receive EPB Fiber Optics mailers and door hangers when services are available at their specific home. They can also visit the new EPB website to check on availability at their address, or to explore options with the You Pick pricing tool.

“We are very pleased to introduce our community to the incredible power of our 100% fiber optics network, the ONLY one in this area,” says Katie Espeseth, EPB Fiber Optics Vice President. “Because of this technology, customers will have access to a whole new experience. Fi TV picture quality is spectacular with all the channels you expect, Fi-Speed Internet is way faster than cable, and Fi Phone delivers clear, reliable service. And this is just the beginning – the power of the 100% fiber optic network allows for virtually unlimited options for new services in the future.”

EPB continues to build its 100% fiber optics network, ensuring service will be available to every home in Chattanooga, East Ridge, and Red Bank by July 2010.