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With patience, hard work, and support from our community, EPB is proud to say that we are now LEED Certified.

LEED Statistics

  1. The LEED Project has an ROI of less than one year.1

  2. To date, the Project Building’s occupants saved 5.7 Million kWh. This kWh translated to $420,640 and 4,054 metric tons of CO2. This CO2 reduction is equivalent to the carbon sequestered annually by 3,323 acres of U.S. forest.2

  3. So far in 2013, the Project Building’s occupants saved 336,374 gallons of water. This translates to $6,701 and is equivalent to saving the amount of water to fill roughly 15 standard-sized U.S. swimming pools.3

  4. During the LEED Process, the building's occupants recycled 712 cubic yards, the equivalent of keeping 59 standard dump trucks’ waste out of landfills.4

  5. During the LEED Process, Corporate CSA Program participants bought 3,500 pounds of sustainably grown local produce.5

  6. During the LEED Process, Clean Commute participants avoided an estimated 248,420 miles of conventional travel, an amount equivalent to traveling to San Francisco from Chattanooga 102 times.6

  7. During the official LEED Process, 69 people representing 26 organizations worked over 4,000 hours to make this project happen.7

1 Approximately $125,000 spent / $131,650 in annual recurring energy savings = ROI less than one year. This calculation doesn’t include other benefits, such as water savings.
2 5,746,450 kWh x .0732 (losses rate) = $420,640. CO2 and equivalencies calculated using the US EPA’s Greenhouse Gas Equivalencies Calculator.
3 Data is from EPB’s TN American Water bills. Standard Pool calculation referenced by Ask.com & WikiAnswers: 336,374 gallons/ 22,000 gallons = 15.3 US standard pools.
4 Data is from Internal Recycling Records independently gathered by Reliable Building Solutions. 712 cubic yards/ 12 cubic yards = 59.3 standard dump trucks.
5 Data from Crabtree Farms delivery records.
6 Data from Internal records; data utilizes employee zip codes for estimated miles and considers travel method. Chattanooga to San Francisco miles calculated using GoogleMaps.
7 Data from internal and external records. Hours include administrative and operational activities, but do not account for time spent outside the LEED Performance Period.