Environmental Statement

EPB is committed to demonstrating leadership in environmental responsibility, while meeting the needs of the community we serve.

Our first and highest priority is helping our customers conserve through energy efficiency. By providing technical support, energy savings recommendation and incentives for commercial, industrial and residential customers to use less power, we help mitigate the rising costs of energy production while reducing negative environmental impact. After all, the greenest kilowatt hour is the one that is never used.

We work with TVA - which generates all of the power used in our service area - to improve the economic and environmental benefit of power generation and distribution. Even though EPB does not generate power, we are serious about making a difference.

To lead on this issue honestly and transparently, we are building a Smart Grid. This enables us to receive communications all along the electric lines - responding to outages faster, reducing expensive power theft, saving money on equipment maintenance and repairs, creating ways that customers can track and reduce their usage and offsetting the rising costs of energy through demand management.

We have also implemented efficiency programs with our own facilities and operations first. Our downtown building was built with long-term benefit in mind. The site on which the building sits was once an environmental brownfield. The materials chosen for the building and its interior were locally sourced and high in recycled content where possible, and built to be a model of energy efficiency. Our large fleet of bucket trucks, utility trucks and cars increasingly include biodiesel and hybrid vehicles.

We also promote TVA's efforts to supplement generation with energy from renewable resources, including wind and solar power. As technology improves, green power is becoming more affordable and efficient while reducing the environmental impact and dependence upon fossil fuels and hydroelectric dams microscopically.

We ask every environmental question with a view to developing answers that take the long view, benefiting the Chattanooga community and providing value to our customers - for both today and tomorrow.