Power Share

Because No Family Should Go Without Basic Utilities

During the winter, some Chattanooga area families struggle to pay utilities like heat and water - but that struggle doesn't end with the warmer weather. The loss of a job or other financial emergency can happen at any time.

Power Share is a year-round program that provides direct support to Chattanooga area families in need. The program is made possible by our customers who contribute funds through monthly electric power bills, or by making a pledge.

Where does the Power Share money go?

All donated funds are given to United Way 211 - an outreach program of the United Way that qualifies and distributes 100% of contributed funds to local families.

The generosity of our customers accounts for more than half of the funds available to United Way 211 each year, and yet families are still turned away each month due to a lack of funding.

Ways to give

  • Simply add a donation of exactly $1 to the total amount due on your next electric power bill.
  • You can sign up online to make your monthly pledge to Power Share. Your monthly pledge will be added to your electric power bill.
  • Please contact us at (423) 648-1EPB (1372) to set up the pledge. Once your request has been processed, it should appear on your next electric power bill.
  • You can also make a one-time pledge by mailing a check to:
    EPB Power Share
    P.O. Box 182255
    Chattanooga, TN 37422

Where do I send someone who needs help?

United Way 211 and its partner agencies take all requests and inquiries regarding families in need. If you know someone in need, please call United Way 211 by dialing either 211 or (423) 265-8000.

Thank you for your pledge to Power Share.