Working at EPB

Career opportunities come in many forms at EPB. Since our services are constantly evolving with the changing needs of our community, we are always eager to meet talented, energetic and community-minded people with experience working in a wide range of fields.

For information about job opportunities currently available at EPB, please check our listing of available positions.

EPB Fiber Optics

Since 2000, EPB Fiber Optics has grown from an idea to provide business telephone service into our region’s most technologically advanced and customer-focused provider of business telecommunications. This incredible growth has been possible through the work of some of the most talented people in the industry. Positions within the division include customer care specialists, network technicians, switch technicians, technical consultants and engineering technicians.

Electric System

Working on the “front lines” to ensure uninterrupted electric power for our customers, the dedicated people of our Electric System division are responsible for the design, planning and operation of our entire power system, maintenance of all equipment and facilities, and development of plans and standards for future system improvements. To achieve these complex and interwoven goals, the division’s engineers and technicians work in substation design, substation maintenance, system planning, mapping/GIS, environmental system and forestry/vegetation control.

Customer Relations

Meeting the customer service and billing needs of more than 165,000 electric power customers is no small task. That is why our Customer Relations division is made up of individuals with a unique combination of financial, problem-solving and people skills. Employee positions include billing, remittance processing and credit/collections, as well as customer service jobs in our service call center and walk-in branch offices. 

Human Resources

Our Human Resources division maintains responsibility for benefits, compensation, employee relations, training and development throughout the company for all employees. Outstanding opportunities are available for Human Resources positions with previous experience in Human Resources or degrees in Human Resourses Management, Business Administration and related fields.

Information Technology

Our Information Technology division designs, builds and manages our corporate computer network and databases, as well as providing company-wide support for employees who rely on these systems to do their jobs. The division is comprised of network engineers, application developers, system analysts and technical support specialists who enjoy interacting with people and working in a fast-paced environment.

Economic Development and Government Relations

Through proactive account management and innovative, customer-focused services, this division provides viable solutions to meet the energy needs of our community. Within this division are teams focused on proactive account management and energy services for large commercial and industrial customers, educating the general public about energy efficiency, and forming strong relations with local, regional, state and federal agencies – all of which help attract and grow industries to our community, creating new jobs for Chattanoogans.


Just as the community relies on EPB to provide critical services, we rely on our Finance division to help maintain our company’s sound fiscal health. People with skills in accounting, auditing, finance, payroll and related areas will find no shortage of opportunities to grow within this division. Positions include accounting for EPB’s Electric Power and EPB Telecom systems, assisting with the planning for new business lines, cash management and investing, as well as the management of payroll, accounts payable and accounts receivable.

Legal Services

Our Legal Services department handles issues such as liability, regulatory concerns and contract preparation. Having in-house counsel allows us to proactively apply legal expertise in making sound business decisions.

Corporate Communications

Corporate Communications works to cultivate our community’s growing reputation as a center of technology and business development by promoting our 100% fiber optic network to regional, national and international audiences. Corporate Communications also supports corporate efforts such as economic development.

Strategic Research

Looking ahead for EPB as a company and for our customers, our Strategic Research division focuses upon the development of new products, projects and opportunities. Positions within the division focus on regulatory changes, environmental concerns, projections and best practices for the electric power and communications industries.

Strategic Systems

Our Strategic Systems division maintains and improves EPB’s facilities, buildings, grounds and systems through technology initiatives and the coordination of renovation, equipment repair and replacement, cleaning services, security and internal telephone services. 


Our Marketing division focuses on local communications with new and existing customers. Producing and implementing informational and advertorial materials, such as outdoor advertising, radio, television and collateral materials for local events, the group seeks to establish and enhance trusted relationships with customers throughout our community. Additionally, the division is responsible for internal communications with employees.

For a listing of current job opportunities with EPB, please click here.